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Remove / compress any file slowing down your site

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Remove / compress any file slowing down your site

Use keywords in your UAE Phone Number List imageInclude words that reflect your site’s theme in the image title, description, and alt attributes .A relatively simple thing to do is rename the name of your images and add keywords to them. For example “SEO-advice.jpg” instead of “IMG_2102.jpg UAE Phone Number List “.Adding links to external pages will allow you to consolidate your “web” again. It is preferable to make links towards sites having a certain reputation and having proven

themselves. Indeed, these sites are already trusted sites for Google UAE Phone Number List is usually found in 1 st page of results.Out of all these tips, this one is # 1 in terms of importance.In my opinion, and many hold the same opinion, getting links from external sites directing to your site is vital.Ahrefs is an extremely usefu UAE Phone Number List l (but paid) tool that will allow you to know the value of a website calculated by the “Domain Rating” or “DR”. The higher it is, the more the site is valued

UAE Phone Number List

studentmobilelist  and referenced on Google. The challenge will be to get links to your site from these UAE Phone Number List external sites. It might seem like the impossible, but sometimes you just have to ask, be patient, and prove UAE Phone Number List how relevant your site is.The more links you get to your site, the more Google will understand that you are a relevant site and one that users can trust and read original and interesting content.Websites with regularly updated UAE Phone Number List content are overwhelmingly higher ranked than those with the same content for some time.Write articles, add photos, edit your text. Updating regularly will UAE Phone Number List allow Google to take your site seriously because it shows them that your site is relevant and active.Once created, your domain name should not be changed. Indeed, the age of your domain name is an additional criterion used by search UAE Phone Number List engines. The older your domain name, the more Google will trust it, so be patient!

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