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Raffles On Social Bahamas Phone Number

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Raffles On Social Bahamas Phone Number

Where photography is the main symbol. I npirineos opted for a photo contest using a hashtag . In conclusion,  This mechanic was combined with a random draw. To participate. Users had to: take a picture that reflects the spirit of the olympus tg series of cameras. The tgspirit! Follow the accounts of inpirineos and esolympus on instagram . Tag the photos with the hashtag tgspirit the participants thus entered a contest in which a tgspirit jury would choose the winning photo from the new tough tg-6 camera. In addition. He carried out a second subgamification. A random draw. Of an olympus tg-5 Bahamas phone number.

Among all the Bahamas phone number participants. «we wanted to find a solution that rewarded commitment and photographic quality . In conclusion,  Without discouraging amateurs with less experience from participating alongside more experienced or even professional photographers. The solution that we came up with Bahamas phone number. We think has been very successful and. Above all. Fair… two prizes!”. They confess to us. Thanks to this mixed mechanics. Inpirineos managed to ward off the ‘ghost of the traps’. In conclusion,  Which always hovers when a prize is awarded for the number of likes or votes that are achieved and where those with the most followers have more possibilities .

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Even if their photo is lower quality. The achievements: 5.000 participations the action registered some very good participation data. From july 15 to august 31. 2019. More than 5.000 posts were tagged with the tgspirit hashtag . Finally. After performing an automatic filter. Which verified that the publications complied with the conditions of the contest Bahamas phone number. 2.700 photographs ended up competing for the prize. In addition to the high participation. Another of the achievements achieved is the low number of followers that there was once the action was over. As they rightly point out from inpirineos.

Bahamas Phone Number

ASfter carrying out an action of this type. It is common to detect a “rebound effect” and lose one of every ten followers obtained». No less despicable is having placed the hashtag tgspirit as a kind of identity tag among olympus tough camera users. And that it has continued to be used after the photo contest ended. The keys to success: an attractive prize for Bahamas phone number your target a good prize is always an incentive for users to participate. However. Inpirineos got the perfect equation to gain quality followers and keep the “contestants” at bay. Interested only in the prize. Attractive and novel prize : they gave away two olympus tough cameras. Resistant to shocks.

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Dust and water. In addition. These have a series of sensors (altimeter. Compass. Temperature. Gps…) that make them ideal for adventure and outdoor sports. Ugc mechanics : a photo contest requires an effort on the part of the user. That level of engagement acts as a filter . Bahamas phone number Ensuring that a majority of the participants will be part of the brand’s target audience. As oliver and mónica rightly point out. “competitions are a kind of double-edged sword. Because. On the one hand. There is the effectiveness in terms of attracting followers. Generating noise. Increasing interaction… But. On the other side of the scale.

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