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The first step to promoting your content

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The first step to promoting your content

Screenshot showing traffic from the Reddit is a finicky platform and you have to play by their rules. But when you do, you will be rewarded for it. The first step to promoting your content on reddit is to find subreddits related to the topic the article is covering. In our case, our articles cater mostly to entrepreneurship, productivity. And performance hacks, so we needed to find subreddits that fit those areas. Here’s how Reddit works.  You need to have a well written title for it to get engagements. For most Reddit posts, I created a

Our articles cater mostly to entrepreneurship

unique title and tweaked it a few times to make it as appealing as possible. For some subreddits, you can not post a link, but only a text post (similar to the forum). This is where I mesh the Reddit Title and the Forum Post together. The title now links to a post inside the subreddit (with a link Benin WhatsApp Number List inside directed to the article). Here are some of the results we saw with Reddit Syndication: Screenshot showing reddit links on multiple subreddits. To a piece of content And here’s how much traffic those reddit posts drove back to our articles: Screenshot showing traffic directed to a medium article from reddit

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Reddit links on multiple subreddits

Beyond posting on our business page, I also posted to Facebook groups. Cathryn and I are members of several groups related to our target market, and we run one called “I Love Productivity.” We comment in them regularly, we answer questions, and we share articles that are not ours.  I would normally write a dedicated post for Facebook Groups to help increase conversions. K Like this: Screenshot showing a facebook post PROMOTING ON LINKEDIN: Another great social platform that has groups interested in this type of content is LinkedIn.

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