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possible thanks to this Mexican innovation

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possible thanks to this Mexican innovation

Magnetic resonance imaging is becoming more and Marketing List Senior Homes more common in the health field. Its origin dates back to 1946 when this Marketing List Senior Homes novel technology was discovered by Felix Bloch and Edwars Purcell. For Marketing List Senior Homes their work, both scientists were awarded the Nobel Prize in Physics in 1952. Their main Marketing List Senior Homes objective is to reveal the millimeter composition of a human tissue. While its interpretation requires qualified medical personnel. In this way it is possible to identify possible Marketing List Senior Homes problems in patients.

Despite all the above, one of the biggest drawbacks of Marketing List Senior Homes images today is that they do not have the best visual quality. Sometimes that complicates the work of health professionals. Although to end that now scientists from the National Marketing List Senior Homes Autonomous University of Mexico (UNAM) have developed a new technolog In this regard, Jaime Fabián Vázquez de la Rosa, professor of Medical Physics in the Physics Department of the Faculty of Sciences, explains that instead of the 1.5 to 3 tesla used by conventional equipment, they Marketing List Senior Homes have adapted a new one found in experimentation phase and .

 Marketing List Senior Homes

He added that MRI is so student mobile list versatile that it can achieve anatomical and functional images. You can see everything related to soft tissues: hemorrhages, clots, tumors and cartilage, as well as how the brain consumes oxygen or energWork that has already been recognizedThis development will be tested soon in the Department of Neuroimaging of the Institute of Neurobiology, Juriquilla campus of UNAM. Its publication in a scientific article earned the February cover of the Marketing List Senior Homes international Journal of Magnetic ResonanceAlong with Vázquez de la Rosa, Rodrigo Martín Salas, Sergio Solís Nájera and Lucía Medina Gómez, all professors from the Faculty of Sciences,

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