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How Do I Use Pinterest To Drive

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How Do I Use Pinterest To Drive

On Pinterest, as on all sites, there are also keywords to help us position ourselves. We will only need to understand how the algorithm of this social network works to be able to function better. The Pinterest algorithm has a search engine called Smart Feed that is in charge of determining what each of its users will see in their feed, based on keywords related to the keywords of their previous searches. This algorithm takes into account the factors: Domain quality : If we use a business and verified account, we will have more quality.

Pin quality: It is not determined so much by the quality of the image but by its popularity (how many times it is saved or shared) The quality of the piner (content creator): This is based on whether you Czech republic cell phone numbers posting good pins, your followers like them, they are shared frequently… Relevance : If your pins are important to your users, if they use them to access your website… The best tricks to generate traffic with Pinterest Link your website to the pins: Many brands tend to forget this, but if what we really want to achieve through this social network is to gain traffic (in addition to popularity and visibility), we must do it.

That Is Why It Is Important

that before uploading a pin (post), we fill in the source and put the address of our blog in it. Use vertical images: One detail to keep in mind is that most users use Pinterest through their mobile phone. Therefore, vertical images are more interesting and attractive to view on these devices. In addition, the vertical format offers us multiple possibilities when it comes to uploading other types of content such as infographics, content that triumphs on Pinterest. Optimize your images: Always think about SEO! Make a description of your images, offering context and a little information.

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The Pinterest algorithm will better read and understand the content of your image, also, you forget to add the keywords. It thanks to them that the user will find the content on this social network. Listen to what the community says: We leave you here this tool that will be very useful: Using  your blog) you will be able to know what the users are posting about your brand on this network. This way, you will know what the Pinterest community likes most about your posts.

Post Frequently Another Thing

that the Pinterest algorithm takes into account is the frequency with which you post, so spending. A few minutes each day interacting on this social network will help you a lot. However, do not be too excessive or you could become spam: you need to create content but not all the time. Include text in your own images: On Pinterest you will also need to fight to get the user’s attention. A good idea to generate traffic is to add text to your images, this will help the user. To know exactly what the subject of your text will be and draws much more attention than a simple image .

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