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When You Have An Online Business

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When You Have An Online Business

Appearing at the top of Google search results (or any other search engine) is what will help us the most to grow. We agree with that theory and that is why we want to help you with a series of tips so that your website ranks well, organically speaking. What is search engine optimization? You can call it search engine optimization, SEO positioning or simply SEO. All three terms refer to the same thing, to position a web page organically. In this way, it will appear in the first positions of a search when the user searches for a keyword (keyword) related to our website.

Currently, SEO (for its acronym in English Search Engine Optimization) are a series of content optimization strategies that aim to improve our position in search engines, for certain search terms , in order Croatia phone numbers increase traffic to our site. Web page. Therefore, the strategies that we use to position our website will be SEO techniques that will not only direct more traffic to our website, but also improve other features that we were not taking into account.

The Use Of Keywords Related To The Line

of our website and our sector, optimizing the digital content we use so that it is appropriate, adapting our content to different devices (smartphone, tablet and desktop)… way, when we work on the different aspects that surround our web page , we are in turn working on SEO positioning and appearing better positioned in search engines . We already know that having a website is the most important thing for our online business. However, it is just as important or more so that this web page has visibility and reaches users .

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According to many studies , 75% of people who perform a search on Google do not go beyond the first three results. Also, only a small percentage make it to the second page of results. On the internet, if you don’t appear, you don’t exist. Therefore, if we have an advertising agency, for example, when users search for “advertising agency” in Google, we must appear there. If not, they will hardly end up knowing us. We can have a very attractive web page that is very functional and intuitive for the user, but if we do not appear in the first places of Google search results,

We Are Losing Half The Chances That Someone

will enter it. That is why it is very important that we know how to use the necessary techniques and tools to be positioned in Google. Without going any further, we ourselves are Google users and we know that when we make a query, we only end up visiting the first places. This is because the results that appear above are related by users to the quality of a website. After all, if Google has given it that place, it will be for a reason, right? Well, you’re right. However, getting there is not a task that is carried out alone, it depends on the time and dedication that we make to our SEO,

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