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Are You Thinking Of Launching

Into the world of YouTube and advertising your brand there? If so, you may also be wondering if it is really profitable: How much does it cost to advertise on this platform? Will it be profitable for me? We will solve all your doubts throughout this post! Why YouTube? Nowadays, video consumption accounts for more than 85% of Internet traffic, which makes it the ideal medium to attract new consumers to your brand. The reason is simple: it is a format that is easy to consume, agile and, above all, entertaining for the users who consume it.

According to a study by Oberlo, YouTube had 2,000 million users worldwide in 2020 , which means that the number of people who consume video on this platform without being registered is not included, since it is not necessary. Therefore, we will be of many more users than those Cambodia phone number show the official figures, which still places YouTube in a better position. In addition, this sum of users spend an average of 1,000 hours a day watching videos on YouTube , which makes this social network an excellent platform for watching videos.

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the YouTube search engine is one of the most consulted in the world, very little behind Google, with what this means for SEO positioning . What more can we say to convince you of the usefulness of this application? Well… that advertising in it is not as expensive as we have come to think at some point. If you have considered advertising on this platform, it is probably because you consider that your audience is there and that advertising on YouTube videos can help you capture leads. It is quite likely that there is an audience interested in your brand’s products and services,

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taking into account that the users who consume videos through this platform are very diverse. On YouTube we can find videos from very different fields, which means that there. Is always a target audience for us. However, advertising through this video platform will very likely bring us a high number. Of benefits for our brand (increase visibility, the number of sales…) but we must also know very well how this platform works. . It is important to work on our ads and create a good digital marketing campaign to win new users through YouTube video ads .

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with which you can have a conversation to request information, make a query or carry out a task. Unlike apps, this tool does not take up space on your device. Importance of big data : Obtaining and analyzing the data obtained from the interaction with users becomes a priority tool for brands, since it allows them to know the preferences of consumers and make intelligent decisions. Quality over quantity : It is useless to create a text that is too long if quality does not prevail, if what you say does not add any value to the user.

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