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 If The Concept Of Broken

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 If The Concept Of Broken

We are going to take advantage of this post to explain how they affect the SEO of your website and why it is important to repair them. What are links? Broken links, as their name suggests, are links from a website that no longer work, either because they no longer exist or because the address is incorrect. Surely on more than one occasion you have clicked on a link and a page has opened that indicated “ERROR 404: not found”. This tells us that the page we have through the link is not found. That is, the link is broken or down.

If this has happened to you, it will have been an annoyance on more than one occasion not being able to access the site you were waiting for. But, broken links not only affect the quality of the user but also the SEO of our website. First of all, because if the user enters our Costa rica phone numbers and finds broken links, they will leave our website and our bounce rate will increase, which directly influences SEO. As we already know, Google uses the bounce rate statistic to highlight the quality of the websites that it shows in its search engine as search results.

Because Broken Links Have A Direct Impact

on our off-page SEO of our website. Off-page seo is the task of knowing what external factors influence the positioning of our website and working on it consists of applying a series of strategies and techniques that help us get external links that point to our website. As we have, if we have a high number of external links that guide traffic to our website and it is also quality traffic, success in SEO positioning is. Off-page SEO is to the Page Rank of a web browser such as Google.

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The Page Rank is a score that Google assigns to all the web pages that it shows when a search is out and that is and  from time to time. This score that Google assigns is based, mainly, on links received, total visits to the page and quality of the site in terms of design, updating, content, participation, etc. That is, Google will assess the quality of our page to decide our positioning based on the links of other blogs, publications or social networks that link to our website to guide traffic.

However, Just As External Links

help improve our off-page SEO, the inclusion of broken, fallen or non-working links on our website will have a negative impact. As we have mentioned, Google assesses the quality of a website by the number of links that point to it, but also by the number of websites that this blog links as a reference. Therefore, we will not serve as a reference if all the links that we incorporate, or at least some of them, do not work for users. How to detect broken or defective links? Sometimes, it is normal that we do not realize that a link is down,

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