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New York City FC, the power of marketing at its finest

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New York City FC, the power of marketing at its finest

One could suppose that for a sports team to enjoy popularity among fans it must be successful, or at least have debuted professionally; however, New York City FC has shown that all that is really needed is good marketing.

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Although there are still a few months left for the New York team to make its official debut in MLS , the team, which will feature players such as Frank Lampard and David Kenya Phone Number List Villa, is already ranked as the third most popular in the world. American football on Twitter with 125 thousand followers , only behind the LA Galaxy ( 181 thousand ) and the Seattle Sounders ( 136 thousand ), but above its neighbors the New York Red Bull ( 117 thousand ).

It is precisely in the digital world where the New York team has cemented its marketing strategy, since it is precisely within this platform where the team has created a close relationship with its growing fan base, which it kept quite active during the last Copa del World through various activities. It should be noted that it does not affect being the ‘son’ of two such internationally recognized franchises as Manchester City and the New York Yankees .

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But the popularity of the New York team is not limited to its growing fan base, but also moves to the field of business, where New York City continues to grow its roster of sponsorships, with New York Presbyterian Hospital being its latest addition. , joining other brands such as Adidas , Hays or Brother Jimmy .

There is no doubt that New York City is an example to follow for any existing franchise, even if we compare it with Orlando City SC , the other new franchise that will Brother Cell Phone List enter the MLS in 2015, we realize that they have only 41 thousand followers and are struggling to find a brand that wants to name their stadium.

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