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Why Use Tiktok For My Digital Marketing Strategy?

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Why Use Tiktok For My Digital Marketing Strategy?

TikTok is a platform that is growing at the speed of light and to which thousands of users are added every day. It’s not just a teen thing anymore! This platform is assuming a great revolution in social networks and increasingly takes time away from other platforms and attracts more people to consume it. Which means that on TikTok there are thousands of potential customers for your business, you just have to go out and find them. But, how are you going to find them if you are not active within the platform? How does TikTok work?

The operation of this platform is really simple, like any other social network. It consists of uploading videos, normally 15 seconds long but recently it has added the option to lengthen them up to 3 Japan phone number long. The videos that usually succeed and are most popular among users are musical and humorous, as well as current trends, which you can watch without having to follow anyone. One of the great advantages of TikTok is that you can appear on the main page of any user without the need for them to follow you, since the application shows the videos according to its algorithm.

Adding The Possibility Of Them Following

your company or finding you based on your hashtags. In addition, it is a platform with content that is different from the others, less serious and more dynamic, Another of the tools that TikTok has is the possibility of broadcasting live, as well as on YouTube or Instagram. The novelty that TikTok adds to the live dynamics is that, apart from the typical chat with which to interact with users, they can also send virtual gifts to the creator of the account, which turn into diamonds within the profile and can be transformed then in real money.

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Users As for the users that exist within the platform, it is true that a large percentage, about 60%, corresponds to young people between 13 and 24 years old. So for those companies that want to target a young audience, TikTok is definitely their platform. But this does not mean that if your business is another type of public, it will not find profitability by focusing its marketing strategy on TikTok, there are still more than 40% of users older than that age range, without forgetting that new users that enter

Tiktok Every Day Does Not Stop Growing

and as its use spreads at such a great speed, the number of potential clients that join this social network every day also increases. You just have to go looking for it. Advantages of TikTok for your online business, in numbers! It is available in 154 countries and in 39 different languages. It was in the years of 2018 and 2019 the most downloaded application on Iphone. Regarding Android, we can say that 90% of phones have the TikTok application installed. More than a million visits per day by users. More than half of the users of this application use it daily, exactly 52.1% But these are not all the advantages that the application enjoys, in this list we will tell you more.



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