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Multi-screen users and fans of online videos distinguish Spain

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Multi-screen users and fans of online videos distinguish Spain

With the publication of the fourth edition of Google’s Consumer Barometer, a study on the habits of Internet users in 56 countries, it has been possible to know what distinguishes Spanish Internet users when it comes to shopping online, consuming video use connected mobile devices. In the report, Spanish users occupy the first places when it comes to consuming digitally from multiple screens, as is the case with online video viewing. When it comes to using devices, Spaniards use an average of 2.9 devices, the same figure as in the United States and which represents the fifth position globally according to the Google study.

Regarding the use of smartphones, 72 percent of the population of Spain uses them, which represents one of the penetration rates in Europe, while the most frequent Georgia Phone Number List activity carried out from these devices is photography. 64 percent of cases, followed by checking the time (61 percent) and checking the weather conditions (42 percent).

Regarding online video viewing, Spaniards tend to watch them to seek inspiration (39 percent), relax (27 percent) and as part of a hobby (21 percent). And when it comes to watching this content with someone, the person with whom they do it the most is the couple, 23 percent of the time, which represents one of the highest rates in Western Europe.

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As a curious fact, Spain is the country in the world where users watch the most online videos in the afternoon, or at least that was the case with the “last video that the participants declared to have seen, in 43 percent of the cases. They are followed by Mexico with 39 percent and Italy with 38 percent.

This free report has been created by Google to provide up-to-date information on consumers, agencies and advertisers in order to contribute to the planning of actions Brother Cell Phone List related to the digital issue. For its preparation, it has had the participation of 150,000 Internet users from 56 countries.

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