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Momentos WOW, el rewardketing es la clave

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Momentos WOW, el rewardketing es la clave

Today, keeping a client happy, happy India Phone Number List and faithful is a titanic task, in this change of era; where the consumer and ourselves question everything and re-think the way things are done, what we buy, how we buy, why we buy According to India Phone Number List the Review42 site (consulted in Feb 2021) on the subject of customer retention, 82% of customers India Phone Number List leave the brand due to a bad service while 18% still remain with a bad service.

Today there are loyalty programs of great brands, where India Phone Number List have managed to be successful due to their consistency with what they say and India Phone Number List what they do and therefore a solidity as a brand. However, the difference between rewardketing and loyalty programs goes beyond a reward, it is a reciprocity strategy, where it is not India Phone Number List only to give but to feel part of a brand, to belong and sometimes even to be able India Phone Number List to participate in decisions of the brand itself.

India Phone Number List

An example; It would student mobile list be to humanize our contact channels since in this 100% digital world many of the websites, apps or social networks are automated and that personalization is lost; have empathy with social movements, launch promotions and special events India Phone Number List but for a small group, create WOW! moments. They are small actions that make a difference, personalized physical shipments for birthdays, wedding anniversaries, if they like a certain sport or go to museums, create tailor-made experiences that surprise them. For this you have to let your creativity fly and experimentThere are many ways to be close to the client and that they feel taken into India Phone Number List account, let’s make our brand a brand with a solid, recognized, reliable reputation and therefore we will have loyal consumers.

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