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Meet 5 of the oldest brand logos in the world

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Meet 5 of the oldest brand logos in the world

There are business images that evolve and others that are unmistakable . However, there are logos that – their design good or bad – have the virtue of having remained on the market for more than a century without significant changes in their lines. A merit that -in short- few companies in the world can boast.

For that reason, in Merca2.0 magazine we present you 5 of the oldest international brand logos in the world:

1.- Heinz
For this company – valued at 11 billion dollars – the history of its corporate image goes back to the year 1869 , when Henry Heinz and Clarence Noble used vegetables from Afghanistan Phone Number List the home garden to make their dressing in the United States. 24/7 Wall St points out that from 1876 to date, Heinz has multiplied its portfolio to almost 5,700 products around the world, which have a version of the original logo from the 19th century.

2.- Campbell’s
This company – a substantial part of popular culture thanks to the artist Andy Warhol – was founded in the same year as Heinz: 1869 . Despite this, the first label with the famous logo was placed by Joseph Campbell on one of his cans in 1897. The Yahoo financial portal indicates that during the following year, the colors of the label changed to red with white and It wasn’t until 1922 that they added the word “soup” to the famous packaging.

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3.- Shell
The history of the logo of the controversial oil company dates back to 1891, when on his transatlantic voyages Marcus Samuel – founder of the company – traded mussels off the European coasts. The business was so popular that Marcus decided to make seashells his corporate image and name the company “Shell” in the early 1900s .

4.- Sherwin-Williams
The Sherwin-Williams solvent and enamels company – valued at $ 10 billion – created its corporate image in 1905. The person in charge, George Ford, together with the rest of the board of directors, decided that the illustration was appropriate for the phrase “ covering the earth ” . A logo that Brother Cell Phone List has been criticized over time for its indirect allusion to pollution and for manifesting a certain violent sense with the shade of red dripping from the edges of the planet.

5.- Johnson & Johnson
This pharmaceutical empire has a simple but iconic signature, as it has been used since its founding in New Jersey in 1886 . The cursive letters of the Wood Johnson brothers became – after two centuries of permanence in the international market – one of the most recognized symbols on the planet.

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