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Our Entire Marketing Strategy

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Our Entire Marketing Strategy


would revolve around our customers, putting them in the spotlight, just as inbound marketing intends. What does flywheel marketing bring us? James Watt created this wheel-shaped model to represent energy efficiency. Like the wheels on a train or a car, the amount of energy it stores depends on how fast it spins, the friction or interference it encounters, and the size. What does this mean? With flywheel marketing we focus all our commercial energy, we take advantage of the momentum of a satisfied customer to get recommendations and recurring sales.

Basically, your business turns and turns (like a wheel). What this process aims to do is optimize the sales cycle a little more, instead of developing a funnel in which, when the end is reached, you have to Cayman islands phone numbers over, a circle is created that optimizes the process because it never closes and you have to start over. This means that we also work more assiduously on the customer loyalty process since everything is focused on that. Hubspot dares to say that the new inbound methodology is a circle: it is flywheel marketing.

Once We Have The Client

at the center of the focus, three phases are developed around him that are related and feed each other. Each of them are related to the three mentioned above (TOFU, MOFU AND BOFU): Attract: In the attraction stage, we use our experience and knowledge of the sector to create appropriate content in order to have the attention of our ideal client: our target audience, to whom we want to direct our commercial attention. Involve: In the involvement stage, what we seek is to create ties with users.

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In this way, a communication stage begins in which a relationship is with the user and the company. Trying to get in knowing their needs in order to offer the best of ourselves. Delight: In the final stage, we must delight the user who has become our client, continuing to offer our attention and the best of us. In this way we will ensure that our client becomes loyal to our brand, since he will feel that he is part of it. What do you think about flywheel marketing? Are you ready to implement the flywheel in your company?

We Know That It Will Be A Long Process

since it involves adapting our entire business strategy, but we can assure you that the results will be worth it. If you have doubts, at Occam Digital Agency we are ready to help you. Contact us! Automatic marketing : Companies are increasingly seeking effectiveness and efficiency in their processes, and marketing could not be less. Marketing departments and agencies are increasingly to automate their processes because of the many benefits they gain. Video marketing : Greater intensification and development of this tool in marketing campaigns.

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