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Marketing Strategy Building

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Marketing Strategy Building

As the main brand marketing tool on the Internet. >>> Read our article with content marketing tips for your business. 3.  This term is usually an attempt to quantify the impact caused by an online marketing piece. 4. Cost per thousand (CPM) This is the advertising price calculated by the number of impressions . In digital ads. CPM has become an important measure because it can be tracked directly. whereas in the past (through methods

such as broadcast or print Spain Phone Number advertising) such tracking was impossible. 5. Creator Economy Loosely translated. “content creator economy”: a microcosm of individuals such as video creators. social media personalities and newsletter authors who have developed a local approach to content creation outside the context of corporate media. Participants in the creator economy often use tools like Patreon or Substack to promote their work. They are considered part of influencer marketing . a major trend in social media. 6. Influencer Marketing It is the use of a popular personality in the digital environment to promote a product

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influencer . which refers to a personality that may not be widely known but is cult in a certain niche. A micro-influencer. according to the Association of National Advertisers (USA). has between 10. 000 and 50. 000 followers on social media. 7. Cookie The cookie is digital data. originally used during the early days of the web. that stores identifiable information about specific users. For decades. cookies have proven to be a fundamental element of advertising technology. but their use. especially on servers. has gained a controversial reputation. As a result. some web browsers (such as Apple’s Safari) limit its use

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entirely. Despite collecting numerous blemishes on its reputation over the years. the cookie survived in large part for lack of a better tool. A recent attempt by Google. called Federated Learning of Cohorts (FLoC). has struggled to gain widespread support. As a result. Google has postponed its plan to end the use of cookies. 8. Funnel This term. used in marketing and sales. refers to a potential customer or a lead’s position in the marketing process.

Adopted in the Age of Social Media. A Related Term

most deeply involved (the middle of the funnel) . However, The bottom of the funnel represents the final stage of the purchase or conversion process. A competing approach is lifecycle marketing . a more sophisticated version of the funnel that links the marketing process to customer/buyer/user experiences. 9. JavaScript A programming language commonly used for basic marketing technologies such as analytics and retargeting . These use cases are central to many marketing approaches. but they raise privacy and data security issues. both of which can harm a website. Many users take steps to block these scripts with ad

blockers . 10. Retargeting It is the type of advertising that targets a specific user more than once. usually as a result of a previous sign of engagement. Key Performance Indicator (KPI) Key performance indicators (in literal translation) are the main parameters for evaluating how a marketing action is performing. based on the goals established by the organization when launching a specific initiative.

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