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Marketing Agency Lithuania Phone Number

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Marketing Agency Lithuania Phone Number

The majority participants in online campaigns have been men . 63%. Compared to 37% of women. Another fact that will surely surprise you is that most of the participants are over 35 years old . Specifically. The most active age group in this type of online mechanics is between 35-44 years old . Which represents 25% . The second most participatory age range is 45-54 years old (22%). Followed by users between 25-34 years old (18%). Between 55-64 years old (13%) and between 18-24 years old (12). %). The least active users are those over 64 years old (8%) and those under 17 years old (2%). Mobile. The device with the most conversions the growing use of mobile phones and internet access (2 out of every 2 out of every 3 minutes that we browse the internet do so from mobile devices) Lithuania phone number.

Justifies that the vast Lithuania phone number majority of users who reach a campaign participate from a mobile device ( 72%) . Compared to 28% of users. Who continue to do so from the computer. Tuesdays. The busiest day are you going to carry out sweepstakes and online marketing campaigns soon? Bet on launching them on a tuesday. It is the day of the week in which users register more participations. Followed by monday and thursday. Saturday is the day with less activity . Participation also varies depending on the day. 9:00 p.m. And 2:00 p.m. Are the two time slots in which more participations are achieved . Giveaways and marketing campaigns food. Leisure and cosmetics. The most attractive prizes the most successful raffles and online marketing campaigns in 2019 have been rewarded with prizes related to food Lithuania phone number.

Attractive Action Lithuania Phone Number

Leisure and cosmetics. It is also revealing that users participate more in actions whose prize is directly with the brand that carries out the campaign. Thus. The participants value that these are their own brand. Cards or gift vouchers to be able to spend on purchases Lithuania phone number. They are also interested in participating in actions whose reward is product samples . Prize roulette. The mechanism with the most participants interactive content campaigns with microsites are a marketing tool that has many benefits for brands (capture leads . Generate engagement . Conversion to purchase…). Although these mechanics are not the actions preferred by brands. They are the ones that attract the most users .

Lithuania Phone Number

Specifically. There are three mechanics that have stood out in 2019: the prize roulette . The personality and knowledge quizzes . And the ‘vote for your favorite ‘ campaigns. Raffle prizes the star dynamics of the draws as for giveaways on social networks Lithuania phone number. The ones that have worked best are those in which users. In order to participate. Have had to follow a brand and comment on the giveaway publication. Although the dynamics vary slightly depending on the social network . In the draws on instagram . The dynamics in which you have to follow an account and mention one or several friends in the comments have been highlighted. Counting the mentions independently.

Staying Has A Prize Lithuania Phone Number

The sweepstakes on facebook with the most participations are those in which users have had to become followers of the brand and leave a comment . Answering the question posed by the brand Lithuania phone number. In the case of twitter . The draws with the most participations have been those in which. In addition to following the account . The user had to comment using the campaign’s hashtag . Email and whatsapp campaigns. The sources that generate the most traffic one of the most important points when executing a marketing action is to accompany it with a dissemination campaign. To enhance its reach and viralization. The publication of the campaign or giveaway in different media will generate traffic. Which will result in participation. The main sources of traffic. Which have brought participants to the online marketing campaigns launched by our clients. In 2019.

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