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Allows You To Malta Phone Number

SMS and MMS SMS and MMS When it Malta Phone Number comes to SMS marketing, it is important to understand the difference between SMS and MMS, as MMS is much more expensive to send. For example, sending an emoji in your text can cost 3 times more than a regular Malta Phone Number massage containing only ASCII characters. Following are the main differences between MMS and SMS. MMS allows you to send up to 1600 characters. SMS provides only 160 characters for you to use. MMS allows you to send Malta Phone Number images, gifs, audio and video. SMS does not allow anything including emojis. MMS typically costs 3 times more than SMS Here is a handy table summarizing SMS vs. MMS.

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Short message MMS acronym short Malta Phone Number message service multimedia information service Images and Emojis not allowed embeddable The maximum length 160 characters 1,600 characters price $.01 $.03 Because of the huge price difference between SMS and MMS, you should Malta Phone Number only send SMS messages when talking to customers one-on-one , and keep MMS messages on hand to send marketing broadcasts to your listings. MMS and SMS Marketing Advantages SMS marketing has the highest engagement rate compared to email and Facebook Messenger . Here are some crazy SMS Malta Phone Number marketing statistics for you to check out. SMS messages have a 209% higher response rate than phone calls, emails or Facebook.

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Malta Phone Number

According to SMS Bump, nearly 30% of Malta Phone Number consumers will reply to your SMS messages. Of those who responded, almost 50% would buy. The average open rate for SMS messages is 98% , compared to 24% for emails. The average person takes 90 seconds to reply to an SMS Malta Phone Number message. For email, the time is 90 minutes. Let’s see how these industry engagement rates compare to my own email, text, and Facebook Messenger campaigns. Below are my published rates for the promotions I sent out during Black Friday. Here’s my email hit rate from Klaviyo. Claviyo CTR This is my Facebook Messenger Malta Phone Number CTR in my Sponsored Messages ad.

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