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He Was Rusty Lithuania Phone Number

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He Was Rusty Lithuania Phone Number

The second employee had just graduated Lithuania Phone Number college with a master’s degree in engineering. He was rusty and didn’t have much experience. But he was driven, focus and positive. Can you Lithuania Phone Number guess which employee ended up kicking ass at the company? The experienc employee was opinion and refus to do anything other than what he was accustom to doing at previous companies. Meanwhile, the college grad wasn’t Lithuania Phone Number  that productive at first, but he worked nights and weekends and ended up being one of the best employees I’ve ever had!

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The main difference is motivation and Lithuania Phone Number drive. Talent and experience are overrated. I’d rather have someone with less experience but motivated to win. I don’t believe in the process “When I interview a potential employee, he or she says ‘it’s all about process,’ which I think is a Lithuania Phone Number bad sign. The problem is, in a lot of big companies, process becomes a substitute for thinking. We encourage you to act like a pinion in a complex machine. Frankly, it allows you to keep people who are less smart and less creative. ” — Elon Musk When I first started a business with my wife, I mistakenly assumed that Lithuania Phone Number there was a set formula or “process” to be successful.

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Lithuania Phone Number

But the more I talk to other successful Lithuania Phone Number entrepreneurs, the more I realize that everyone is just playing around with it! To be successful in business, you have to go with the flow and with the flow. Everything is unpredictable and you have to learn to adapt to the Lithuania Phone Number cards that are dealt. At the same time, when you hire assistants or employees to perform specific tasks , process matters . But as a business owner, you cannot follow strict protocols. Adaptability is key. Really pay attention to negative feedback and solicit it, especially from friends Once. I was sitting in a planning meeting with my e-commerce colleagues. I casually as them to comment Lithuania Phone Number on my site’s conversion rate.

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