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But If Your Situation Lebanon Phone Number

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But If Your Situation Lebanon Phone Number

If you’re a co-founder or CEO, you Lebanon Phone Number have to do all kinds of tasks that you probably don’t want to do. No mission is too humble Every successful business needs your hands, and no task can let you down. When my wife and I first started our e-commerce store, I Lebanon Phone Number worked 10 hours a day in my engineering job, then went home and ran the sewing machine 2 hours before bed . In fact, I’m our company’s chief embroiderer :)! A few weeks ago, one of the toilets in the office overflowed and there was no Lebanon Phone Number plumber for weeks. So I put on gloves, galoshes, and plungers, and threw the trash down the toilet (no pun intended 🙂 ). Running a business is an omnipotent thing. If you’re not willing to do dirty work, how can you ask your employees to do it?

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By setting the right example, your Lebanon Phone Number employees will respect you and work harder! I don’t spend my time on high-concept things. I spend time-solving engineering and manufacturing Lebanon Phone Number problems Analysis paralysis is a common problem for new entrepreneurs. There are millions of things that could cause problems for your business, and it’s impossible to predict all of them. So, instead of being smug about what could or Lebanon Phone Number could happen, get the damn thing out and be ready to turn. Ask yourself what the worst-case scenario could be, and then prepare for that outcome just in case.

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Lebanon Phone Number

Most importantly, you should Lebanon Phone Number spend your time troubleshooting and solving problems , not guessing the unknown. Likewise, don’t spend time worrying about competition. Focus on the task at hand and the game will solve itself. My biggest mistake was Lebanon Phone Number probably putting too much value on someone’s talent over someone’s personality In my previous role as engineering director, I used to hire 2 people for a project . An employee with 20 years of experience has a flawless resume. His past Lebanon Phone Number work is a perfect match for what we need him to accomplish and looks like a perfect fit.

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