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Large Leisure Areas Czech Republic Phone Number

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Large Leisure Areas Czech Republic Phone Number

Faced with the need to combat this situation. The idea arose of launching. During the low season. An online marketing campaign in the quadernillos commercial park. To encourage public visits and encourage purchases in the summer months. In addition. The campaign had as a secondary objective the capture of leads . Quadernillos shopping center the dynamic: online action with redirection to the point of sale the weather of the summer months made it difficult to carry out face-to-face actions in an open-air shopping center like quadernillos. For this reason Czech republic phone numbers.

For ‘staying has a prize’. Fandom Czech Republic phone number bopted for a mechanic that could be managed 100% online . But which in turn would force the participants to go and consume in the mall . Between july 17 and september 11. 2019 Czech republic phone numbers. Users who went to the quadernillos shopping park and made a purchase of more than 10 euros . At any establishment in the center. Were eligible to win 5.000 euros to make the trip of their lifetime. Customers who wanted to participate in the draw only had to take a photo of their purchase receipt . Upload it to the campaign landing page and fill in their personal data (name. Surname. Email. Telephone and postal code).

Aim Of Increasing Czech Republic Phone Number

The prize: subgamification with secondary draws one of the determining factors when it comes to ensuring participation in an online marketing campaign of these characteristics is the prize that is drawn . “in this case. We set out to make it a very aspirational prize Czech republic phone numbers. Which is why we chose a trip valued at 5.000 euros as the main prize . But not a trip to a specific place: the gift was 5.000 euros to go wherever you want. With whomever you want and whenever you want. At the end of the day. If it is “the trip of your life” we are not going to be the ones who say where you have to go and with whom ». They point out from fandom. In addition to that final random prize .

Czech Republic Phone Number

And in line with the name of his campaign. Secondary prizes were awarded weekly. As a sub-gain : an electrodepot television. Dinners at restaurants. Movie tickets. 100-euro checks for decoration Czech republic phone numbers. Fashion or vehicle repair. Etc. The achievements: 1.600 entries! Quadernillos’ action was very well received by users. Resulting in more than 1.600 participations and 4.750 unique visitors to the landing page of the ‘stay has a prize’ campaign. In addition to the influx of users to the shopping center in that period. The action allowed obtaining information about customers. Their tastes and demands . the result of the campaign was very satisfactory in most of its parameters. Perhaps the least obvious.

The Influx Of Users Czech Republic Phone Number

But also very important. Is all the information generated by the collection of tickets . A lead generated with the delivery of a ticket allows you to establish certain purchasing patterns. Frequencies. Hours. Demographic profiles… All this information is very valuable” Czech republic phone numbers. They point out from the agency. The keys to success: a 360 campaign we have already pointed to the ‘stay has a prize’ prizes as one of the great incentives of the action. However. The communication and dissemination campaign . Which fandom carried out and which combined from conventional media (radio and newspapers) to ad campaigns . Was decisive for the knowledge of users and potential customers.

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