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Kpis Can Be Applied To Any Type Of Business

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Kpis Can Be Applied To Any Type Of Business

Although they are most used in online marketing. Advantages of KPIs With them you obtain a large amount of information that will be very valuable and useful for you to be able to optimize your marketing strategy, reach the objectives set and correct previous mistakes. It also allows you to analyze your results numerically, that is, it transforms certain variables into metrics, so it will be much more useful to analyze the results if they are measurable. By having different parameters, it will be possible to analyze all the information

comparing one with another and thus be able to propose strategies to improve several parameters at the same time, joint strategies that, if done well, will end up in effective results. With the KPIs we Usa phone number list analyze the strategies as a whole, that is, we not only analyze parameters separately, but analyzing strategies as a whole will help you know if they are being carried out effectively or if there is some point that is failing. The measurement of these parameters is much simpler and more reliable than the metrics that were carried out before the new technologies, so the margin of error is almost non-existent and you will not be surprised or make mistakes.

Thanks To All This The Kpis Provide Greater Precision

when making decisions that affect our marketing strategy. KPI characteristics: For a KPI to be optimal and work properly, it must be SMART , which means that it must have the following characteristics: S: Specific (specific): Solve the 4 unknowns, we must know what we are measuring, how we are measuring it, where, and finally, when. M: Measurable (measurable): It must be measurable, otherwise it would not be a KPI, it measures various aspects, including the expected benefits. A: Attainable (attainable):

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The indicators must be realistic, if we choose goals that are impossible to achieve, the KPIs will be of no use. A: Relevant (pertinent): You have to first see what the objectives are to analyze which metric is best for you. T: Time-bound (limited): For a performance indicator to be effective, it must adhere to a specific period of time. What are the main KPIs of digital marketing? There are a large number of KPIs with which to measure your campaigns. The most important thing is that these are effective and for this they have to be accompanied by a value.

For This, The Most Important Thing

is to be very clear about what you want to achieve. Only then can you analyze which KPIs are appropriate within your strategy. Here we show you a list with the main KPIs that you should take into account. Page views: This is an essential metric, the most basic that cannot be missing from your strategy. Knowing the total number of visits your page receives. This way you will be able to know, first of all. How many people you are getting to bring to your website. Which allows you to know where they come from and most importantly, what their needs are.

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