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It Indicates The Number Of Different

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It Indicates The Number Of Different


users that have entered your website, therefore the number obtained in this metric will always be less than or equal to the number of page views. Since it measures the people you have reached, you can have 100 visits to your page and they are from the same user, so this KPI is more accurate in terms of the target audience. Time: The permanence of the user within the website is one of the KPIs that add the most value to our digital marketing strategy, since with this parameter you will be able to check the time that users are interested in your page, that is, you will know if your content is interesting or not.

Bounce rate : Over time we measured the interest, and with the bounce rate the same thing, the only thing that in this case, the number of users who, after having entered your page, leave without interacting with it, is analyzed as a percentage. no way, that is, those who have not Uk phone number list your content interesting and have decided to go to another page. Followers: Within the metrics on social networks, your followers are a perfect indicator to know if your content and your brand are interesting, as well as to know the reach of your profile on networks.

A Good Way To Measure It Is By Setting

goals to get a certain number of followers before a certain time. This way you can measure if you are meeting your objectives within your network profile. Comments: This is a very important fact, with this we focus on the value of the content. It tells us if the content is important enough for your audience to spend their time talking about it. With this we can observe the debate that is and if the audience is happy or not with our brand. Emails : One of the most important meters in your mailing campaign is knowing how many users have received the email, opened it and shown interest in the content.

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This metric is not entirely reliable since there are users who open the message but read the content or are in the brand in any way. Clicks in the email: Knowing where it is most common for your users to click within the email you have sent them, you will be able to understand which points most interest your target customers. This metric helps to counteract the error of the previous one, thus seeing which ones actually opened the message to interact with it. Forms: Every time a complete form is out, what we are achieving is a conversion,

We Go From Having A Simple User

on our website to having a lead. Thus, seeing the number of users who complete the form, we will have the key data to know if our form is too long. These are the main KPIs for our marketing strategy, but there are many more, discover them by optimizing your digital marketing strategy. Remember, if it’s not measurable, it’s not effective. nce with this parameter you. Able to check the time that users are in your page. That is, you will know if your content is interesting or not. he message to interact with it. Forms: Every time a complete form is out, what we are achieving is a conversion,


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