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It Can Be Conduit Cn Phone Number

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It Can Be Conduit Cn Phone Number

More than 300 leading technology companies from around the world have gathered at this international fair . 450 industry experts shared their knowledge with the attendees and. As we have said before. It broke its own record in the number of attendees. Conduit cn phone number Des-2019-assistance cool tabs and des 2019 cool tabs did not want to go unnoticed at this great event and for this reason we decided to attend as speakers and exhibitors . Two in one! Our ceo. Alfredo solano. And two of our colleagues. Ana alonso and javier gil. Spent the three days of the fair at the stand attending to anyone who wanted to meet us and needed information about our platform.

Des-2019-cooltabs in addition Conduit cn phone number to that. On the first day of des 2019 our sales colleague. Javier gil . Offered a presentation that talked about the gamification of campaigns on social networks . Conduit cn phone number In them he showed some of the success stories. Of these actions. Made with cool tabs. And also. He told some tricks so that the attendees took note. Encouraged to do them and succeed with them. Here you have one of the examples that javier presented in his talk. It is a campaign that belongs to the success story of citroën . It was titled “do you have a lot of theater?” and they carried it out on march 27. On the occasion of world theater day.

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Des-2019-example des 2019: social conversation on twitter we did not want to miss the opportunity to analyze the social conversation that internet users had around des. Both on twitter and instagram. Conduit cn phone number We tell you all the details. The des 2019 twitter profile . des_show . Has more than 7.000 followers . Between these followers and many other users. They generated a conversation on twitter. On may 21. 22 and 23. Which collected more than 10.000 tweets . Do you want to know a little more in depth how it has been and what have been the most commented topics? Des-2019-monitoring during the three days. The volume of tweets has been very high. But it is worth noting in this first analysis the almost 75 million impressions that tweets have had with the hashtag chosen by des 2019 to generate conversation on twitter: des2019 .


The potential scope is not far behind: nothing more and nothing less than 12.500 million. Internet users have remained very active on twitter during the three days. In this case. The retweets win. By little. Conduit cn phone number The original tweets : about 6.000 compared to 5.000 . If we had to make a top three of winning days in retweets . We would find ourselves in this order: may 22: 2.079 rts may 21: 2.011 rts may 23: 1.097 rts des-2019-monitoring-days here we have a top 10 user profiles that were protagonists in this international event. Protagonists because they are the accounts that have posted the most tweets with the hashtag des2019. In the first place is. Indisputably.

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The official account of the fair. Des_show. Conduit cn phone number The number of tweets alone was 1.230. Who else do we meet? We can see it in the image below these lines: des-2019-tweets on the other hand. We have another top 10 but of the users with the most followers who have tweeted about the digital transformation event. Do you want to see who are the protagonists of this section? Des-2019-followers it’s the role of hashtags . During the digital enterprise show many have been used. Almost all. If not all. Are related to the sector. Here we leave you the cloud of the most used.

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