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Digital marketing vs internet marketing

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Digital marketing vs internet marketing

Set digital marketing goals Once you are clear about your place in the market and what your strengths are, work on establishing some objectives to be clear about where you should direct all your actions. Everything you plan must be geared towards achieving these goals. You can guide yourself in the development of this part of your digital marketing plan through SMART objectives, that is, specific, measurable, achievable, realistic and temporary objectives. Define the marketing strategy Once you have defined the business objectives, what are you going to do to achieve them? Personalization is becoming more and more important in digital marketing.

Therefore, when defining the strategy of your plan, you must take into account these factors: Target audience segmentation. Know who you want to address, what their tastes, needs or preferences are and how you satisfy them. It is time to create your buyer persona . Positioning. To Singapore phone number  a good positioning, it is important to be very clear (and make it reach your audience in the same way) what your value proposition consists of. It is necessary to know how you are going to communicate your differential value. Identify the channels in which your audience is present (social networks, blog, email, etc.). Content strategy.

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and manage original content that attracts users and positions the brand as a reference in their heads. In addition, it is necessary to draw up a specific communication policy ( content marketing ) for each channel. The content strategy cannot be separated from the buyer person, they are intimately linked. The more information you extract from their profile, the more accurate the content you produce, that’s for sure. Digital strategies and tactics Depending on our objectives (attraction, conversion and loyalty) we will implement some strategies or others

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social networks, CRM, web optimization, SEO – SEM strategies , paid advertising, etc. The value formats to capture leads are very varied: you can hold webinars, encourage the download of ebooks, infographics and all kinds of dossiers and also offer discounts, promotions and offers. Technology has become a basic tool when it comes to implementing digital strategies, so it is important to learn how to get the most out of it. Measurement and KPIs of digital marketing Once you have designed and implemented your digital marketing strategy, the work does not end. The next step is one of the most important: analyze the results.

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Analytics has become a fundamental pillar to optimize results and investment. Each action and its corresponding results must be measured through different KPIs to know if we have obtained the expected ROI. Measuring the effectiveness of the actions and strategies implemented will help us correct what is not working to achieve the goals set. Having tools that allow us to carry out this analysis is decisive. Keep these steps in mind when creating your digital marketing plan and don’t leave anything to chance. In the same way, keep in mind that technology can become your best ally to create personalized. Automated and, therefore, successful marketing campaigns. As your task becomes more complex, new tools allow you to simplify and improve the results of your work.

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