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Infiniti and its experiential marketing strategy that will simply take your breath away

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Infiniti and its experiential marketing strategy that will simply take your breath away

The luxury car segment has become a hotbed of experience marketing strategy . Mercedes and its Invisible Car and Audi with the 60 minute delivery have created new paradigms of what should be an asymmetric marketing strategy. This type of effort is an example of a new generation of microsites that not only communicate the benefit of a product, they have a more complex marketing objective and planning.

Now it’s up to Infiniti to come up with a new proposition for what marketing and technology can achieve together. The luxury brand of the Japanese automaker Nissan Tunisia Phone Number List has created a series of videos on YouTube and a microsite to demonstrate what it means for the driver to have a Q70, the manufacturer’s flagship car. In the middle of the year the company made an important change in its branding structure, its models would no longer be named in a particular way, that is, the G and M models would be replaced by a new nomenclature. Q for cars and QX for trucks, the higher the number, the higher the rank within the range. This seemingly insignificant change has forced the company to launch a much more aggressive effort to position its products in front of an extremely demanding consumer.

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Among its most recent strategies is the “For those who Drive” campaign that seeks to connect the physical reaction with visualizations – almost artistic – of the heart rate and emotions of the drivers. The result created by the hand of XO Studio is frankly beautiful and one more example Brother Cell Phone List of what can be achieved by merging motion sensors, big data and marketing . The second video is equally impressive, through a collaboration with Giroptic, a leader in the manufacture of high-resolution 360-degree vision cameras, the Japanese luxury car company built a complete set of what is appreciated when driving the Q70 through the countryside or a tunnel.

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