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Include The Giveaway Poland Phone Number

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Include The Giveaway Poland Phone Number

We can ask: what is your father’s catchphrase? With what word would you describe him? O what is the most repeated fatherly advice from him? Remember that facebook does not like anything that forces users to have to follow you. Suggest it! Father’s day giveaway bodegas protos giveaway on facebook giveaway on twitter one of the advantages of a twitter giveaway is that it can generate notoriety for you . This is especially the case with comment giveaways where a hashtag is included to identify the action on social media and in retweet giveaways . You can choose one or the other action or combine the two. Follow + comment with hashtag follow + comment with hastag + rt follow + rt Poland phone number.

Father’s day giveaway Poland phone number giveaway on twitter from elparkingapp 5. Generate brand image with a photo contest photo contests are one of the most successful mechanics for a date like this. In addition Poland phone number. It offers a wide range of options . Although it requires a little more “effort” for the participant. It can be fun and even nostalgic. If you bet on a father’s day photo contest. We recommend that you do it through the microsite . Users will be able to upload their photo from a device or link it from a social network. But you can also enable a data form. This will allow you to collect leads from current and potential customers . These are our proposals: a vintage photo contest .

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Where followers have to upload a photo of their parents when they were young; one of father-son photos. Share the image that best represents your father or an image in which he is showing off his most elegant or fun side. Etc. You can also adapt the requirements that the photographs must meet to your brand. In other words. Not only do the parents of the Poland phone number participants appear in the photographs. But they also show how they use your products and/or services. In this way. You will be turning the participants into your best prescribers. Father’s day: photo contest el corte inglés photo contest 6. Know your target audience through voting contests of the ‘choose your favorite’ type are a simple mechanism in which users will only have to vote for what they like the most .

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What to show for them to vote? It is key to play with the brand. Relating the different options to it . For example. If you are a clothing brand. Suggest that they choose the most elegant model for their father or the model that their father would wear on a specific occasion. You can show different photos that represent “different types of father” so that your users can choose which one of them fits with theirs. It will be more enjoyable the funnier Poland phone number the proposals you offer to be voted on. You need to propose curious ideas or images that arouse the desire of users to choose and give their opinion. Once the campaign is over. You can carry out a draw. Either among all the users who have given their opinion or among those who have voted for the winning option.

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An all-in-one: father’s day instant win one of the most complete mechanics that exist is the instant win . This is a random draw with instant prizes in which the user. At the moment of participating. Knows if he or she has been the winner. If you are not very clear about your Poland phone number objectives or you are looking for a bit of everything ( reaching a wide audience. Massive data collection. Encouraging sales and generating brand image ). Without a doubt. It can be your option for the father’s day campaign. Within the instant win mechanics. Two of the most eye-catching and that users like the most are the scratch and win and the prize wheel .

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