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In web and digital heat maps are also a very useful

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In web and digital heat maps are also a very useful

Student Mobile web As I said at the beginning of this article today you have many affordable .Crypto Email Address . As I said at the beginning of this article today you have many affordable . Options to perform this type of experiment on your website. Some even free. It is a suite for user behavior analysis and satisfaction surveys. In addition to it offers a service for recording user sessions . Collecting feedback, forms and analytics of conversion funnels (funnels).The heat maps are really complete . And can also be segmented by type of device.Each block indicates the% of clicks it has received compared to the global one.

tool they are used to study user behavior on websites

Student Mobile web .Analytics like those offered by . Analytics are really useful but they only provide information about what or how much something happening on a website. This is quantitative information.At the bottom of a landing page where you sell a . Product and receive very few clicks the reasons can be many. High price little interest usability or accessibility problems or technical . Crypto Email Address Errors in the follow-up would be some of the usual ones.A scroll map would help you to know what percentage. Of users is reaching that height of the page.Imagine that you discover that only 5% of users reach that height and . Therefore only 5 out of 100 visits are able to click. This changes everything when it comes to assessing the number of conversions.

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and in apps their movement patterns, fundamentally.

Crypto Email Address .Student Mobile List  However it also has a function for the realization of heat maps and . Far from being something merely complementary very interesting.These maps show the number of clicks received by marking each and every . One of them as a point (hence the confetti) and using a color code to paint them . That relates them to different dimensions.The possibilities of these dimensions are diverse . The width of the window in pixels the days of the week . The time the browser used the country the operating system or the type of device. It very relevant data to be related to user be. This is so because it does not use external services and . All the resources are its own that the server of your own website.

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