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In this way if some freaky like me wants to follow

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In this way if some freaky like me wants to follow

list rental companies .Do you want to recover an archived publication? Just go to your profile click on the three lines that .Appear on the top right and click . Here you will find all the stories that you have been uploading . And if you select archive of publications you will see the . Posts of the feed that you have archived.Just when publishing the post .In the part where you write the text of the publication click on . Advanced settings and simply activate the option deactivate comments . Once the post is published click on the three dots that appear at the top right and click on . Deactivate comments what do you regret and do you want users to be able to . Leave comments on this post? Well follow the steps in number two again and click on .

thousands of yoga studios on Instagram you will

list rental companies . Another thing you can do is decide who can leave comments . Here you can allow comments from does not appear as one of the . Social networks to publish when you add a new publication . But there is a super trick ( both for mobile and computer ) to do it . Imagine that you have a few haters who always . Criticize you using the same type of words or insults. Well allows you to block comments based on the words you choose . In this way if the comment includes any of the words you have selected . Will be automatically deleted and will not appear on your profile.Be careful when you add keywords in this manual filter. ALL comments ( both old and new ) that contain these words / numbers / emojis will disappear . Everybody if at any time you want to deactivate this manual filtering . ALL the old comments that were hidden will appear again .

appear when you type “yoga studio” in the Instagram search engine


Student Mobile List list rental companies . By default, in Instagram Stories you can paint or write text with predetermined colors . Which appear when you click on the text or line icon.You can use any color that exists in the world world. To find the hidden colors. Simply hold your finger on one of the colors and you will see an . Infinite range of possibilities open to you.To do this simply tap and hold the eyedropper icon that appears on the left. Next to all the colors and then hover over your photo . Video so that it takes the exact color and you can use it.With one finger click and hold one of the colors below to . Open the entire spectrum of colors and choose the color of the first letter .With the other finger, move the cursor letter by letter while. With the first finger you change color.Write your hashtags tiny then add a . GIF on top to cover them up . A that is related to your post of course.Paint your hashtags the color of the background. So they blend in and “disappear” from view . To do this we will use the trick from before. Use the eyedropper to select the background color. This way your hashtags will be there but the same color as the background. They will not be seen! A mini tip for this second option . Before changing the color reduce the size of the hashtags to the . Maximum and place them in a place where the background is flat.

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