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If You Already Belong To The World Of Pinterest

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If You Already Belong To The World Of Pinterest

here we leave you a series of tips that will help you improve your positioning within the platform. Tips to start designing your strategy on Pinterest 1. Constancy You have to carry out a strategy in which you upload the pins progressively, that is, you have much more chances that your pins will have a large user traffic if you upload one every day, in the case of uploading 7 pins in a row, there are much less chance of generating traffic and with it, of generating potential customers. Therefore, a good strategy for this is to create a calendar and organize your content in it, in order to know what to publish and, above all, when to publish it. 2

Creativity For your pins to succeed, they must be innovative and creative , a pin that is not visually attractive or the light is not the best for the type of product you are trying to sell, it can give an image to the Netherlands phone number of something that is not your product For example, if you sell party costumes and the photo is very dark, users will not perceive it as something festive, but as something boring. 3. Keywords Keywords are everywhere, if you don’t add keywords about the subject matter of your photography in the title and description, it will be difficult for them to find your pin on the platform.

Apart From This, It Is Very Important

that your description is clever and attractive, which will help generate interest among users and they will be more likely to visit your link. 4. Interact Not only is it important to interact with users who can buy your products, it is also important to interact with other accounts that are related to your activities and products, which will help you to have more visibility within the followers of these accounts, in addition to leaving recommended when any user interacts with those accounts. 5. Define your goals As in any good strategy that is provided, some objectives must be established before carrying it out ,

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if you define the goals you want to reach, it will be much easier for you to know where you are failing and what points you must improve. 6. Meet the boards The feed is one of the most outstanding and important things in the Pinterest world, you have to know the different boards in order to analyze which one is best for your brand and which one will work best with your customers. We explain what the 4 boards are about: -Collaborative boards: They allow the editing and management of the account to be carried out by more than one person. So what you get is to encourage participation within your community.

Map Boards: For This You Must First

upload the pin and once uploaded, click on “Add place”. In order to be able to geolocate the pins, which allows users to find you more easily. These boards are mainly on the tourism sector. -Boards of own content + incoming traffic. These are the pins of your own website, which implies that the content. Will direct the user to the specific landing page that you have chosen. Boards of own or external content + external traffic: Here. Of the previous one, What the pins have is a URL that directs the user directly to an external page. Therefore, although it is not the social network par excellence, as you have been able to observe. It has innumerable advantages to help you within your digital marketing strategy. So don’t wait any longer and start optimizing your strategy with Pinterest.

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