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If We Continually Include Links In Our Posts

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If We Continually Include Links In Our Posts

It can make it difficult to find which ones do not work and repair them. That is why we are going to talk about tools that can help us with this process. The more posts we have on our website or blog, the more complicated it is to check how many of the links we have incorporated no longer work. And much more if you are thinking that this task has to be done one by one. Calm! It is not like that, there are many tools that can help us with this task. Here are some: Google Webmaster Tools: One of the many functions of this macro tool from Google itself is the detection of broken links. To do this we just have to go to the Tracking

Tracking Errors tab and eliminate or correct the addresses of the fallen links that appear to us. Yes, it’s that easy! W3C Link Checker: It is one of the most used and best valued tools by web Dominican republic phone numbers administrators. If you’re wondering why, it’s because it practically does all the work for us. Not only does it tell us which links are broken or down on our website, but it also provides us with suggestions for new URLs that we can use to replace them, since they are related to the previous one.

Webmaster Toolkit The Differential Factor

of this broken link detection tool is that it allows us to choose the type of link we want to analyze. Broker Link Checker: If you have your website or blog hosted on WordPress, this may be the tool that will help you the most. It is a WordPress extension that notifies you, even automatically by email, of the broken links of the blogs created on said platform. Surely if you in improving the SEO of your website, these tools will help you correct those links that are negatively affecting your good positioning. In addition, not knowing which links on our website not only affects off-page

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SEO as we mentioned at the beginning of the post, but also has other negative consequences, such as: These errors reduce the trust and credibility of our website, which in the case of online stores can mean a decrease in sales made. We make it difficult for Google robots to index , which can cause us to lose positions in search results. Google can also “penalize” us for considering that our page is not sufficiently and. We provoke a negative image of our page, of lack of quality and abandonment of our corporate website.

For This Reason It Is Important

that we review our broken links and that we are up to date with them since, the more mistakes we make, the more the search engines will take it into account when it comes to positioning us organically. steps to follow for an inbound marketing campaign to present the company’s visit to an event, to show the team, etc. Instagram and other social networks: Taking into account that around 4 million daily interactions out on this social network. Something will .

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