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Hupu APP Product Analysis Report

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Hupu APP Product Analysis Report

As well as this paper, the product Sweden Phone Number experience and analysis of “Hupu” APP are carried out from five aspects: strategy layer, scope layer, structure layer, framework layer and presentation layer. Taking “Tencent Sports” as a competing product, combined with Hupu’s own characteristics, it compared its core functions, and finally put forward iterative suggestions for the new version of Hupu.

Product name

As well as current full name of Hupu in the App store is “Hupu-Basketball Football Game Video”. Hupu was founded in 2004 with the original name of “HoopCHINA Basketball Forum”, a community focused on basketball. Later, Hupu began to join football, e-sports and various entertainment sections. The current “Basketball Football Game Movies” comprehensively shows the scope of the content of the Hupu community, and also highlights the transformation of Hupu from a sports community to a “community of interest for 100 million young people”.

Product Introduction

Sweden Phone Number

“Real, interesting and warm, an interest community of 100 million people” is the introduction of the latest version of Hupu. “As well as Interest Community” is the introduction of Hupu version 7.5.1. It can be seen that the new profile has changed and added a series of attributions to “community”, which more accurately reflects the product positioning of Hupu. From “young people” to “100 million people”, the age range has been weakened, the number of users has been strengthened, and the size of Hupu has been shown. And “real, interesting and warm” reflects the unique Hupu community culture built by JRs. “Interest” represents the richness of Hupu’s content section, ranging from sports, e-sports to entertainment content. Hupu has also developed from a “global sports information app” to a community-based interest content platform.

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