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How to create calls to action that convert users into customers

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How to create calls to action that convert users into customers

If you are thinking of developing your website, launching a mailing campaign or promoting a landing page, the first thing you have to think about is how to get good results in your conversion ; and for this, nothing better than using calls to action correctly. But what do they mean, where to place them and how to present them to attract potential customers who become final consumers ? Let’s see all these points in the post.

Generally, it happens to us that we are used to following orders and directives. In the digital ecosystem, with so much offer of published content, it is important to correctly indicate what the calls to action are and what their purpose is so as not to lose the visits that are active .

In this sense, Online Marketing is the closest thing that exists to love: if the person who is so interested is not told about the attraction that it generates, they will probably never know it ; and if you don’t show him what you are, he will hardly know what you have to offer.


But unlike love


where there is no technique that is valid to ensure the success of correspondence, the truth is that in digital businesses there are various formulas created on time so that you can convey to your users how important they are to you and everything what you have to offer them if they decide to “marry” your brand .

This is when one of the most important elements of any business strategy comes into play: calls to action . As the word says, a « Call to Action » is a call that clearly tells the visitor what to do within your website , email campaign , landing page or blog .

Few things are as clear as this: knowing how to design calls to action that catch the interest of each one of your users is the key for your content to survive Jamaica Phone Number  and have functionality beyond mere visibility. But to achieve this, you need to rely on a Content Marketing strategy that pursues a clear objective: to generate a satisfactory experience for the prospect so that he wants to return to your messages again and again. Without using these Call to Action correctly in your various channels, you will be missing out on countless business opportunities and will prevent your potential customers from taking action., for the simple reason that there will be nothing and no one to push them to take it!

Convince users through calls to action
As we told you at Fuego Yámana , a Call to Action (CTA) is a button or link that you can place on your website to attract potential customers and convert them into sales opportunities after they complete a form on a landing page. Specifically, a Call to Action is the link that connects the visible content (and that has aroused a share of interest) with a landing page that contains an offer relevant and interesting enough to persuade the visitor to complete a form.


At first glance this seems quite simple,


but there are still many brands (and a large percentage, long-standing companies) that incorporate irrelevant phrases into their pages. Believing that they are still motivating their customers. And it is that if there is something that in Fuego Yámana we want you to remember.  It is that the Calls to Action must be or contain phrases and words with a high imperative character.

In this way, however diverse the intention may be, you will be able to guide your users to the long-awaited click . Now, are you wondering what kind of action you can stimulate from these CTA buttons ? What you imagine!

Visit your online store.
Subscribe to your newsletter.
Fill out a form or survey.
Purchase your products.
Participate in a sweepstakes or contest.
Download a resource or catalog.
Request a demo or trial.
Schedule a personalized appointment.
Get a free consultation.
As you can see, you can promote countless actions with your Calls to Action… but not everything is so simple! Every button must be well made to arouse a desire, provoke a motivation and trigger some kind of reaction . To achieve this, it is necessary to use phrases that suggest:

Sense of urgency — Last chance — Limited offer — Expiration and expiration — Use limit


And here comes the key question : is it worth just telling your users what they should do? The answer is clearly NO . You should also pay attention to how to design those calls to action. What words and colors to use, where to insert them. We will focus on these points in the next section

How to create calls to action and convert your users into customers

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