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How to Use TikTok for Business and Engage Your Audience

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How to Use TikTok for Business and Engage Your Audience

In this video. Alyssa from the webfx Social Media team shares some advice on how to use tiktok for business.

Hey everyone! In this Revenue Weekly video. You’re going to learn how to use tiktok for your business.

I’m going to explain how tiktok works. The benefits of using tiktok for marketing. And what you can do to take your strategy to the next level. Let’s go!


Tiktok is a social media video sharing platform that lets both consumers and businesses upload and interact with short videos covering a number of different topics.

Since it launched in the late

Tiktok has seen incredible growth. It now boasts over one billion users every month. That’s a lot of people.

On the platform. Users can follow the creators they find interesting. Tiktok also offers a For Ghana Phone Numbers feed that recommends videos based on factors like how you interact with other videos and your device settings.

You can become a tiktoker for free — unless you’re investing in ads — but businesses have a little extra step to take when creating an account. When you sign up for tiktok. You’ll want to go to your settings and switch over to a Business Account.

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Tiktok business account option in the account settingsAfter that. You’ll gain access to tiktok analytics. Royalty-free audio. And other business resources.

So. It’s true that tiktok has a very large audience. And it’s fairly easy to create an account. Does that mean you have to use tiktok for your business?

Should you be using tiktok for marketing?

Tiktok does have plenty of benefits for businesses. With its huge user base. You have plenty of opportunities to get eyes on your brand. One study shared that nearly 75% of tiktok users have learned more about a brand or product online because of the platform. But tiktok can help with more than brand awareness.

That same study revealed that tiktok drives consumers to action. 67% of tiktok users agree that the platform made them want to shop. Even when they weren’t actively looking. 66% of users agreed that tiktok helped them make a purchase decision.

Tiktok can drive some serious results

But that doesn’t mean you need it to be successful. Truthfully. Only you can decide if you need tiktok for your marketing strategy. Some businesses may benefit from it. While others may be better off using other platforms.

The biggest consideration is your target audience. If they’re not on tiktok. You probably don’t need an account.

According to a Pew Research Center survey of U.S. adults. 48% of 18-29 year olds. 22% of 30-49 year olds. 14% of 50-64 year olds. And 4% of those 65 and older report using tiktok.

So. In terms of audience. Tiktok tends to be most popular with Gen Z and Millennials.

If you think this is the app for you. Keep watching to get four tips on how to use tiktok for business.

You have a business account. Good for you! Now. Let’s make it personal.


You’re going to want a profile photo that represents your company. Many businesses stick with their logo. Or a slightly modified version of it. You want people to recognize your business when they see your profile.

Remember that people will view your profile photo in a small bubble on their phones. So try to avoid hard-to-read text or graphics with a lot of detail. The simpler. The better.

Next. Add a short bio that describes your business and add a link that directs people to your website (or another location if it suits your goals).

When you’re happy with your profile. You can start planning and sharing content.


  1. Plan your content

Always know what you want to achieve with your content. If you want to increase sales. Then some of your content should focus on your products or services. If you want to generate brand awareness. You might want to create educational videos that establish you as an expert.


Using your goals as a guide. You’ll want to create a calendar that outlines what you’ll post and when you’ll post it. However. Tiktok moves at what feels like the speed of light. Trends come and go. New video filters pop up. And songs go viral.





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