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How to start a business? The essential steps

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How to start a business? The essential steps

Adopting the right legal fPhone Number List orm right from the start is important. Several criteria can guide this choice. The elements to be taken into consideration are the property of the promoters, the quality of the partners, the image of the company, the scale of the activity, the expected profitability and the management costsThe items below are Phone Number List provided for information only to facilitate understanding and do not exempt you from consulting a chartered accountant or an authorized advisor.

We can distinguish two Phone Number List types of companies: those which offer the advantage, in the event of bankruptcy, of limiting the liability of the partners to the capital they have invested. This is then referred to as a limited liability company. Then there are those that do not offer this advantageLimited companies are said to Phone Number List
have their own legal personality. The creators of the company will opt for limited liability especially if they have, in private, a substantial land or financial heritage. The disadvantage of this formula is the minimum capital and the costly administrative formalities imposed by law.

Phone Number List

studentmobilelist If the partners do not have personal Phone Number List property to protect, they can choose to set up an unlimited liability company such as, for example, a general partnership. This type of company does not Phone Number Li have its own legal personality and the partners are jointly responsible in the event of bankruptcy. The advantage of this legal form is its flexibility. No minimum capital is legally required. In the former (typically Phone Number ListLLCs), the personality of the partners is important. A new shareholder does not come home easily. The approval of others is absolutely necessary. And getting out of it is not easy either because, precisely, the shares cannot be transferred to just anyoneIn the second (typically SA), the Phone Number Lipersonality of the shareholders is irrelevant. It is generally possible to enter and exit the capital easily (except more restrictive statutory clauses).

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