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How do marketing managers use new technologies?

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How do marketing managers use new technologies?

Two-thirds of marketing professionals , the majority at the executive level, qualify as essential (29 percent) or very important (38 percent), the role of new technologies for the effectiveness and performance of their work group. In fact, only 5 percent say that their investments in this sense are not adding value, with 39 percent saying they are working on it and 46 percent saying that they already see the value obtained.

These are part of the results of the CMO Council and Tealium study, from which the question can be raised about the ways in which new technologies are impacting ROI in Italy Phone Number List marketing. When participants were asked about how their investments are affecting the economics of their businesses and the ROI of their marketing spend, most have assured that they are better able to segment their customers more efficiently and relevant (66 percent ) as well as obtaining greater returns and accountability for marketing and advertising spending (54 percent).

These were the majority options by far, since then the respondents opted for the increase in productivity (29 percent) and the improvement of the conversion, closing and purchase value rates by (26 percent). The extent to which marketing technologies help in some areas and not others depends on how they are deployed. Currently the most common areas in which technologies are used in digital marketing are email marketing and mobile messages (67 percent), optimization and personalization of web pages (63 percent), search and marketing of social networks (60 percent) and data analysis and intelligence (53 percent).

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Overall, participants reported using or starting to use at least 5 technologies related to marketing, cloud-based services, and applications. Therefore, it is not surprising that when it comes to facing challenges with the use of new marketing technologies, respondents were more likely Brother Cell Phone List to cite the integration and centralization of the increasing amount of fragmented data (54 percent) and the search for mechanism. selection and integration of said data (48 percent).

This study was conducted in the third quarter of 2014 among more than 150 marketing professionals, from companies such as Wells Fargo, Charles Schwab, Disney ABC Television.

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