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How do I choose the right paper for my business?

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How do I choose the right paper for my business?

According Phone Number List to statistics, the annual use of paper by an employee would be 75 kg in an average company! Data that shows how this material is almost as vital for a society as fuel is for a vehicle. But how do you make the right choice of paper for your business? With the variety of ranges a Phone Number List vailable in the market, finding the ideal paper for quality digital printing is no easy task. We tell you everything on paper in this article!


Being made up of fibers, the wood (once in Phone Number List the factory) is maintained, cut, grated and then crushed into chips by specific machines. These wood residues Phone Number List obtained are cooked in water with certain chemical substances dissociating the useful fibers from other wood derivatives.These fibers are transformed into pulp in a tank and then undergo flattening by heating cylinders. This paste, at the Phone Number List end of its journey between the rollers, becomes thick and dry: it is a giant paper ribbon. It will be coated on the Phone Number List surface and then cut into different formats.

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studentmobilelist Paper, an essential consumable throughout the Phone Number List companyFor some, paper is a company’s raw material. Without him, no contracts, no mail, no reports, in short… the company would not be able to function normally without him. While digital technology is gradually emerging to overcome Phone Number List the traceability of paper, the latter is still essential todayLet us not forget also that the printed documents constitute legal proofs and allow an archiving of the various processed files of the company. These are all parameters that make paper an Phone Number List essential part of the business. For a company, a quality paper is the one that makes the happiness of the secretaries in particular and the employees in general. Most company members don’t know much about paper quality. However, according to some polls, they quite like glossy or matte white printer paper with a smooth texture capable of absorbing ink and colors with almost immediate drying.

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