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Here is How to Create

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Here is How to Create

How to create a good and correct clickbait title

here is how to create clickbait as a form of your content marketing strategy.

1. Use the most interesting part as the title
you can reread your content before giving it a proper title. You can also determine which part is the most interesting? Or is there a number that can pique the curiosity of the audience? Make that sentence the title of the content on your website.

2. Giving riddles to the title

you can give riddles in your title to be an


effective way of making this strategy because it can increase the curiosity of your audience. For example, youtube content about calculating the cost of creating a website from idwebhost.

One of the public’s reluctance in creating a website is related to price. That is what is then used as a pain point, which is expensive or cheap.

With the title of an expensive or cheap puzzle, this is of course the audience needs to click to get the answer listed in the content. In addition, this can be an interesting strategy because it is not only able to provide benefits to users in the form of information, but also can get many clicks to attract potential consumers.

Using emotions to bring readers closer

Hong Kong Phone Number

using sentences that evoke emotions can also be used for this strategy. However, don’t overdo it. How to?

For example, you already understand that website Hong Kong Phone Number owners feel afraid or panic if their website suddenly becomes inaccessible. Well, you can use it as a title in the form of a question in order to make the impression to understand the audience.

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