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Héctor García, the duck of Candelaria

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Héctor García, the duck of Candelaria

A street child, friend of artists and intellectuals, documentary filmmaker of the mexico of the fifties and threetime winner of the national journalism award, héctor garcía travels with his photography from allá en el rancho grande to nosotros los pobres. By oscar colorado nates it is not forgotten… The noise was deafening patrol and ambulance sirens, desperate screams… But the worst were the detonations of rifles and machine guns that were amplified by the walls of that sea of ​​residential buildings in the multifamily complex of tlatelolco in the city of mexico.

It was october 2, the year students set up barricades and clashed with the police in paris, the year of vietnam, of the invasion of soviet tanks in prague, of dr. Martin luther king jr. It was the eventful 1968. And in mexico, that day would mark tlatelolco with the blood of thousands of people the most important milestone in its history in the second half of the 20th century. Barricades in parisprotests against the war in vietnamdr.


First part. It’s your turn to play the duck, bato

Martin luther king jr.Joseph koudelka. Prague 68 there, in background remove service the plaza de las tres culturas, a few steps from the tlatelolco multifamily housing complex, the olimpia battalion had opened fire on the students who were demonstrating without sparing passersby. It didnt matter if they were women, children or the elderly they all fell under the fire of the army. A flare had emerged from a helicopter, which indicated the governments order to the armed forces to go into action. And from that moment, hell.

Maptlatelolco1968 when the rally in the plaza de las tres culturas was almost over, members of the army perpetrated their incursion still from the documentary tlatelolco, the keys to the massacre, produced by canalseisdejulio. Courtesy of when the rally in the plaza de las tres culturas was almost over, members of the army carried out their raid.

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From family child to street child

Still from the documentary tlatelolco, the keys to the Student Mobile List massacre, produced by canalseisdejulio. Courtesy of The day héctor garcía ran, took cover, sometimes took photos, other times he forgot about the camera an unprecedented fact for him. A fiercely independent photojournalist, he was the omnipresent cyclotron. Aboard his motorcycle, always with two cameras around his neck, crossed over his chest like cartridge belts, he toured the city day and night.

So it was not unusual for him to be in tlatelolco he had already been notified of the meeting by his friend carlos monsivais. García himself had lived the movement since its inception because he was a professor at the university center for cinematographic studies cuec. In addition, he had already witnessed the student revolt in the university city, south of the mexican capital. Photo manuel gutiérrez paredes.

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