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Health crisis caused damage to

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Health crisis caused damage to

Through a statement, the National Institute Email List of School Principals of Statistics and Geography (Inegi) detailed that it was quantified from March 1 to 31, 2021, a sample size of 5 thousand 969 companies to obtain these data. And among others, they also Email List of School Principals reveal that the decrease in income continues to be the main type of damage reported by 73.8 percent of the business sector On the other hand, 50 percent of the companies were Email List of School Principals affected by low demand during the contingency, followed by the Email List of School Principals shortage of inputs and / or products , in third place in importance at 29.2 percent. Currently, with 16 states of the Republic in green epidemiological traffic lights, 15 in yellow and one in orange, only 16.6 percent of the companies applied temporary closures or technical stoppages.

Key sanitary measures for the economic recovery of businesses
According to the ECOVID-IE, 97.4 percent of the companies admitted having implemented sanitary measures in the sampling period. And it is Email List of School Principals precisely in this sense that the Confederation of National Chambers of Commerce, Services and Tourism (Concanaco Servytur) recently proposed to change the classification of “essential” or “non-essential” businesses Email List of School Principals to “safe establishments.”


 Email List of School Principals

The agency affirmed that student mobile list the tertiary sector of the Email List of School Principals country began to recover, but considered necessary, in coordination with authorities and productive sectors, the difference in the classification of businesses is essential to safe Email List of School Principals establishments , so that in case of setbacks in the traffic light it is privileged Email List of School Principals the operation of those who fully comply with the protocols and prevention measures to avoid infections, certifying them and guaranteeing collaborators and consumers to go to spaces without risk According to the study “Effects of Covid 19 in the consumer industry” , ”

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