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Haven’t You Started Extracting

Data from your website like crazy yet? What are you waiting for? Within any marketing strategy in a company there must be data and more data, without them we could not optimize the strategy itself nor would we know what our strengths are or where we are failing. And how getting this data from your website is so important, there is no better place than Google Analytics. First of all, Google Analytics is a free tool provided by Google that is used to obtain statistics on the actions carried out by users on your website. Advantages of Google Analytics 1.

You get a lot of data In this tool you will constantly find data on the performance of your website, among many others, you can find: Number of visitors: Visits. New visitors: Visitors who visit the page for Philippines phone number first time. Duration: Time the user spends on the page. Rebound: Users who have only browsed the web without interacting. Average Pageviews: The number of pageviews on your website. Origin: It tells you if your visits come from organic positioning, network campaigns, etc. 2. You don’t need to install anything With Google Analytics you only need to log in to google and you are good to go as it records reports on our website, but it does so externally and not from our web server.

So We Do Not Need To Install Anything On Our Server

that can affect the loading speed if it uses too many resources of our server. 3. KPI’s KPIs are increasingly important within any marketing strategy as they allow us to measure our performance and that helps us to optimize our strategy. With all the data that Google Analytics provides to your strategy, you will be able to compare the metrics of your KPIs and obtain results in order to check if you are meeting objectives and be able to optimize your strategy in the event that you do not reach the objectives that you initially set. For example, if we are carrying out a pay per click campaign, thanks to Google Analytics and the data it offers, we can find out if the necessary clicks are being received so that the investment is profitable.

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Intuitive You don’t need to be an expert to use Google Analytics, the design of the website and the buttons are designed to be very intuitive and easy to use, designed so that anyone can use it even without knowledge of metrics or positioning. Any user can use Google Analytics without problems, what are you waiting for? 5. Compatible with other tools This is one of the great advantages of Google Analytics, since it is compatible with other tools that Google also has, which, as with Google Analytics, you can access for free by simply logging into your Google account. This comes in handy because the tools end up complementing each other, for example, if you link a

Google Analytics Property To Your Adwords Account

the data you can find out is the activities out by users once. They have already, by combining both tools. What you get is to improve the conversion rate and thus maximize your strategy. After reviewing the advantages of the Google Analytics tool, we are going to talk about one of its many functions, the panels. These consist of a set of graphs, tables and data that are. On the same screen showing information from your web page. Which implies that with a simple glance we obtain. A large amount of information. Advantages of dashboards in Google Analytics 1. Everything at a glance

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