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That There Are Good Relationships

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That There Are Good Relationships

Between your customers and your business. Additionally, he is the one who makes the initial diagnosis of the prospects and, once they become clients, who introduces the team that will be behind the actions that comprise the digital strategy. Therefore, in our organization chart we could place him next to the team leader, since both will share the functions with which the rest of the staff will start working. Community Manager: The community manager position is usually represented by a single person, but in many companies the workforce is already being expanded and they have a community manager for each social network.

This will depend on how our social media strategy progresses and the effectiveness of our strategy. The community manager will, therefore, be the person in charge of running the social networks of Spain phone number company, with what this implies: creation and writing of posts, interaction with followers, publication of digital content… In short, an essential position within our template. Content Manager: Located in the organization chart next to our community manager since one position could not exist without the other. The content manager is the person in charge of creating the content that the community manager will distribute on social networks.

You Will Create A Strategy And Supervise

So that it is out correctly and effectively. Also, check that all content is aligned with the Buyer Persona of each client and is optimized for conversion. As well as that the contents adapt to the SEO campaign that our company is carrying out. SEO specialist: The SEO specialist will also depend a bit on the content manager, since this will also establish the roadmap that our company will follow, with which it will position itself organically. The SEO specialist is, in turn, the one in charge of making sure at the on-page and off-page level. That the content with the right keywords to maximize traffic and conversion.

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SEM specialist: In some companies, especially if they are small, the SEO specialist and the SEM specialist are often the same person. However, if our workforce allows it, it is convenient that there is one person for each position. The SEM specialist is the person who is in charge of managing. All the PPC or payment campaigns of your clients based on the objectives of the strategy. UX/UI Designer: This person is in charge of the structure of the websites. With the aim of guaranteeing that their usability and experience are the best. He works together with programmers and SEO specialists to ensure that there. Is alignment between the 3 areas, which positively impacts the user experience, conversion and positioning.

In Small Companies This Role Is Not Establishe

but it is important that we have it if we can allow it. Programmer: In smaller companies there is only one person for this position. But in some larger companies they have a large number of programmers. This person or persons work with all the technical requirements that the construction of websites demands. He usually works hand in hand with the UX/UI design specialist. And the SEO specialist on the technical aspects required by both roles. Data analyst: Although this function, as we mentioned at the beginning. Is usually out by the KAM, in some companies they have a person designed to assume only this role.




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