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B-end product solution from 0 to 1, experience and summary of 10-year veterans

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B-end product solution from 0 to 1, experience and summary of 10-year veterans

In the last article, we talked about the overall plan for designing B-end products from 0 to 1. Interested friends can read my “5000-word long text: B-end products from 0 to 1, product solutions + cases”.

Today, we continue to talk about detailed solutions and analyze how product managers can develop their own solution capabilities.

Structure and main points of the detailed plan

The overall plan mainly describes the product value, overall process and structure. On the one hand, it is convenient to report to the senior management of the company and customers; on the other hand, it is also convenient for product managers to understand each other’s work and improve the efficiency of communication and collaboration.

Demand analysis

Although we have analyzed the detailed requirements in the business research section, we consider that reasonable requirements are the cornerstone of New Zealand Mobile Number successful products, and we also consider the need to promise the reliability of requirements to development, testing and other departments. Therefore, we can elaborate on the rationality of the requirements in the detailed scheme.

In addition to the description of key requirements, we need to clarify three points:

  1. Is it a fake demand?
  2. Is the current version required?
  3. Is it a personalized requirement?

For pseudo-demand, we need to uphold the “spirit of the end” and ask a few more whys. In addition, there are some requirements that may be true requirements, but the value is very low, and needs to be comprehensively considered to evaluate the priority .

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For example, a customer may wish to send a text message to the salesperson corresponding to the order when the order is shipped, notifying that the order has been shipped. But you can tell the customer that you need to pay 8 cents for a text message. If the customer clearly expresses his unwillingness to pay, then such a demand may be a low-value demand.

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