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Gamification: the new key to consumer engagement

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Gamification: the new key to consumer engagement

The super success achieved by campaigns such as the multi-winner of Cannes 2013, Dumb ways to die or recently, Food with integrity , by Chipotle Mexican Grill, resides in a concept little addressed by the marketing of Latin America, which is the gamification to which it is worth worth exploring carefully.

Precisely, the results achieved by strategies such as that of Chipotle Mexican Grill justify the consideration of gamification as an important trend within modern Algeria Phone Number List marketing strategies , since it managed to convert its message of Food with integrity into a social movement, which used tools of consumer engagement such as videos and games, and where the application Chipotle Scarecrow , invited people to save food from mass production robots and monopolies of large food companies.

“In this case,” explains Helena Rodríguez, Marketing Director at Llorente & Cuenca, “we see how the message that positions the brand is clearly transmitted and in turn generates motivation through entertainment and a sense of identification.”

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Rodríguez explains that the psychology of games lies in activating people’s motivations and thus generating a long-term commitment to the brand. In this way, the effect generated by gaming applications goes beyond fun, touching the pillars of the pyramid of basic needs such as rewards, competition, a sense of belonging and social recognition.

Negotiation of 2.8 million USD
Data from the American consulting firm M2 Research indicate that gamification will generate a business of 2.8 million dollars during 2016.

For its part, the research company Gartner estimates that by the end of 2014, more than 70 percent of the two thousand largest companies in the world will have used this tool in some of their communications.

“This is a good indicator that game-based strategies will be a key element in digital marketing , which seeks to establish an interactive relationship between Brother Cell Phone List companies and their consumers and what happens is that gamification has taken a lot of strength thanks to the change in paradigm of communication, so that brands begin to migrate from branded content to branded entertainment . “

Saturation and risks
The director considers that in a market in which there is a saturation of content and a subsequent economy of attention by consumers, it is necessary to go into where there is still space to be seen and it is in this context that where brands that have the possibility of hooking their audiences through gaming applications fit

And since any good strategy involves risks, since to have a great impact it is necessary to take the lead and be different, gamification is not very different from other consumer engagement strategies , in the sense that it seeks to create a lasting and transparent connection with the consumer. consumer, to break the barrier of attention from which brands currently suffer.

Thus, Rodríguez indicates that the main risk is not the gaming strategy but, like any plan, having it supported by solid insights and a conceptualization of the game that directly appeals to the pyramid of basic emotional needs that allows that valuable emotional connection, which In this age of widespread disbelief, make yourself a balm in such a fragmented environment.

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