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From the perspective of product logic and operation, disassemble Xiaohongshu

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From the perspective of product logic and operation, disassemble Xiaohongshu

Today, with the traffic of ordinary e-commerce such as Taobao and JD.com reaching the ceiling, social e-commerce platforms such as Pinduoduo stand out in the Mexico Phone Number e-commerce field with their unique traffic fission method and become a new favorite in the e-commerce world. At the same time, the market is generally optimistic about the prospects of social e-commerce. In this case, the product model of social e-commerce is worth exploring and learning.

iResearch’s March 2018 data shows:

Xiaohongshu (social e-commerce) ranked ninth among e-commerce products, with 19.8 million monthly users, a month-on-month increase of 38.4%, much higher than other products.

Although this may be true, is inseparable from its good social + e-commerce model, and the product design logic and operation and promotion model behind it are worth exploring.



3. User Analysis

According to iResearch data in March 2018:

1. The ratio of male to female users of the Xiaohongshu APP is 1:9, and female users account for the vast majority;

These characteristics provide innate conditions for Xiaohongshu’s original user accumulation and UGC content ecological construction.

Four, functional logic analysis

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The above picture is a functional logic diagram of Xiaohongshu. Xiaohongshu is mainly divided into the following pages in terms of product presentation:

  1. Homepage: The main function is search and discovery, the purpose is to guide users to find the content they are interested in. There are two functions of follow and settings: follow means that users follow the updated content of the account, and under the settings are my follow, favorites, orders and other columns.
  2. Mall: The main functions are search, shopping cart and order, these three are necessary functions to meet the shopping needs of users. The auxiliary functions include banner, activity column, editing, etc., and more of these functions are also presented on this page.
  3. Write notes: Notes can be in the form of photos, small videos and flash shots. The addition of the filter function caters to the mainstream users – the vanity of the female group.
  4. Messages: Users can view customer service, private messages, likes, followers, and notes and comments in this section.
  5. My: The main functions are personal data, note albums, settings, and a sharing function for users to share their Xiaohongshu account with their circle of friends.

In general: Xiaohongshu’s functional model is the beauty version of Weibo

  1. The first thing you see when you open the APP is the follow/recommendation page, showing the creative content of celebrities, KOLs and amateurs; for interested creators or content, users can choose to follow, like or comment.
  2. Open the [Message] page, and all interactive content is presented.
  3. Although this may be true, the [+] button to directly enter the content creation.
  4. You can view your own creations, followers and fans under the [My] interface.


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