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From 7 classic cases such as Santon and Bubble Mart, dismantling the 5 major trends of content marketing!

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From 7 classic cases such as Santon and Bubble Mart, dismantling the 5 major trends of content marketing!

Why do you say that all To Cs are content tracks, the content is currency, connected and classified, and runs through time?

Because on the consumer brand side, good content, to a certain extent, is building a relationship of trust with consumers, a relationship that makes consumers “I choose to believe in your products and stories”.

So how to do good content Albania Phone Number marketing, here are some of my views:

1. Content should always be ahead of the product

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Content marketing needs to be upfront, because the content itself is part of the product, even a very important part.

When I chatted with many brand leaders over the years, I found that many of their marketing methods are that after the product center has developed the product, the brand department will dig out and refine the selling point of the product.

But sometimes the brand department doesn’t know the selling point of the product, ask the product manager, they don’t know or they say it vaguely.

This is actually caused by the disconnect between R&D and branding. Therefore, in the process of building a product, we must think about the pain points and scenarios of the product, and establish the future marketing words, that is, “inject marketing from product development”, so that products have their own content marketing.

For example, many new consumer brands are well aware of this in this space. Like Kong’s deliberate noodles, the outer packaging of the product is not like a food, but “like a cosmetic” – the outer packaging of lipstick.

So content marketing is always in front of product development, not behind. Your content operation ability on the product side will directly determine the sales of the product. If you have finished producing a product, only then do you think about your selling point, the dissemination of your content, and the use of your scene, the daylily will be cold.

2. Gradually form content IP

If product content thinking is a necessary condition for content marketing, then the formation of content IP is a public opinion field for brands to continue to build.

The public opinion field is the potential energy, thickness and influence of the brand in content dissemination! Focus on a certain content area and continue to cultivate in this area.



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