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Foursquare seeks to establish itself in the Latin American market

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Foursquare seeks to establish itself in the Latin American market

The place registration app, Foursquare, has had a complicated revamp, but is confident of rebounding within the Latin American market. México, DF.- According to its own data, Foursquare has more than 55 million users worldwide, who have shared more than 60 million Bahamas Mobile Number List recommendations about places, as well as 300 million photos. In addition, it has more than 60 million places in its database, while 1.9 million businesses use it to communicate with their customers.

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Brazil and Mexico represent two of the most important countries in the Latin American market for this application, with which companies such as American Express, Nike, Pepsi and Palacio de Hierro are already working, which have noticed potential in consumers in this area of ​​the world, characterized by being young and increasingly mobile.

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Two months ago, the application changed its image and system, while it used Foursquare to search for businesses close to the user’s location, or for other interests such as cultural centers, shops, among others, on the other hand, it created Swarm to check-in at a location. According to VentureBeat, in this time the preference of users for both applications has been reduced.

Meanwhile, the brands directly involved with Brother Cell Phone List Foursquare , highlighted that it is a digital marketing tool that allows them to have a better connection with their customers locally, and that it still has a lot of potential to explore.

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