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people who’d signed up for our list

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people who’d signed up for our list

Each video was 6 – 7 minutes long and taught a principle of success that complimented the SELF Journal. We were providing more value to the people who’d signed up for our list, and we were priming them for the Kickstarter launch. This was huge for getting them excited for backing the journal as soon as it launched. Screenshot showing testimonials on Facebook And there it is! Exactly how we built up a list from scratch to 3,235 in just 3 months using a few successful strategies. By building up a list we were able to get our full $15,000 funding in less than 28 hours, and achieved 20x our goal with $322,695 total sales by the end.

Excited for backing the journal as soon

Ready to grow your email list for your Kickstarter launch? Get started with Sumo and KingSumo to grow your email list today. COMMENTS Imagine having an email marketing tool that lets you add unlimited subscribers without charging you more. Plus you can: Add your contacts to groups Bahamas WhatsApp Number List (aka lists) Create email automations. Monetize your site with tools that reduce cart abandonment and increase average order value To get access to all these tools all you need is the free version of Sumo. No matter how many subscribers you collect, you never have to pay extra for any of those features.

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And increase average order value

Welcome to the new Sumo. Here’s an overview, screenshots, and video walkthroughs of the four gigantic improvements we’ve made for you We simplified the entire Sumo app. Screenshot showing the Sumo dashboard Here’s how you create an email collection form inside the new Sumo. You’ll notice a cleaner interface, a reworked navigation, and more straightforward apps. Here’s an overview of how to use and find everything inside the new Sumo. It’s now easier than ever to collect, email, and monetize your subscribers, customers, and users.

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