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First of all you must understand that your organic

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First of all you must understand that your organic

Computer Software business email list . And in the form of a guide in my post: The new Instagram algorithm – Guide on how it works.What to do so that the algorithm provides you with a better reach . First of all you must understand that your organic reach will be reduced . Whether you like it or not regardless of the number of followers you have. So focus on your followers interacting with your posts so you don’t lose so much visibility. I have not found an optimal number of publications per day or per week. But it has become evident that your post will have greater reach and views . If what you post is liked and interested by those who follow you. So don’t worry about quantity but quality.I have seen that “chatting” with other users is the best way for . Instagram to think that you are relevant and interesting. And above all, do not delay in responding. I have discovered that the posts lose relevance on Instagram with every second that passes.

will be reduced whether you like it or not regardless of the number

Computer Software business email list .The latest results in the tests that . I have been doing since 2018 show an inescapable truth. Instagram wants you to use live videos. But beware! If you don’t do well in front of a camera . Better focus on other content.Use the hashtags you nee . There is nothing in the tests that indicates that it is better to put less or more .As long as you do not go over thirty if Instagram has put that limit. Will be for something. I have observed that the best results in reach coincide . With the best hours to publish that Instagram itself indicates in the statistics so do it in those hours.It is important to note that the algorithm works differently when it comes to posts in the.

of followers you have so focus on your followers interacting with your posts


Student Mobile List Computer Software business email list . And it also depends a lot on the hashtags you decide to use.The bottom line there is now a order of importance depending on . What you do or stop doing in this social network which is mixed . With the behavior of your followers and with your publications . So the result will depend on the combination of the variables that. I have mentioned above and if you want to measure them as . I have done you will have to assign them numerical values ​​and monitor . Them for months to be able to draw conclusions.To complement all this useful information and . learn how the Instagram algorithm works in a deep way applying it to your user account you can do the following.

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