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Fifth and last we must check if the existing canonicals

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Fifth and last we must check if the existing canonicals

 building materials list .Fourth you will need to take a look at the response codes . That is 404 errors redirects etc. At first when doing the audit it will be enough to know what redirects there are . What type they are and if they make sense or not you can get this information with Screaming Frog . Once we have to start working, we will use this information.With this you would already cover most of what has to do with crawling and indexing. Remember to explain it in simple words to the person in charge to whom you . Give the report since this is a very technical subject and can be dry to some people.Once the above is resolved it is time to move on to the contents .

are in their correct place and if on the contrary we

building materials list . As you already know content is the most important part of almost any . Website and it is what uses to understand what we offer. Therefore we must pay close attention to them.First of all the quality of the texts. It is logical that if continues to rely on the texts to . Determine the quality and theme of a they have to be very clear. Also since it is what people are going to consume they have to be pleasing to the eye and (again) clear and comfortable to consume. Checking the quality of the texts is essential to detect thin . Content and think about optimizing it.Second the hierarchy of headings .

should include canonicals that currently do not exist

building materials list.
Student Mobile List  First we must see which pages are not indexed because we are really by mistake . And on the which pages are indexed in search engines when they should be in no index. We must see how often Google crawls and caches the different pages of the web . Our job will be to maximize the amount of . Google tracking and caching (among other things, because that will mean that our website “likes”).Third we must attend to the specifications that we have given in . You may find yourself with indexing problems that are solved just by. Touching this file you can check to detect blocked or not receiving traffic.

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