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Exploring Google’s New multisearch Feature

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Exploring Google’s New multisearch Feature

Last weekend, our neighbors gift us with a fancy new houseplant to welcome us to the community. Lovely as the plant was, none of us has a “green thumb” or even knew anything about the species. Fortunately, I had just read about the new multisearch feature. In  which help me identify the type and get care instructions. It was a real life-saver — most of all, for the plant!

To help you visualize what exactly this tool enables you to do, I thought I’d share my experience with the mystery Tongliao Phone Number houseplant. You can see in the photos above that I us Google Lens (Google app’s built-in camera feature) to capture an image of the plant.

What This Means for Marketers

Then, I swip up to get the second screen, which identifi the type for me while also giving me the option to add text to my search – see the “+ Add to your search” button at the top of the screen. Next, I typ in the text “care instructions” to get the final screen, which show me how to be a good caretaker.

It really is that simple. And you’re not limitto plant life; you can use multisearch for other queries like shopping or finding a sofa to go with your fireplace mantle.

Here’s one I playaround with for shoes. I’m a big fan of this style, but I really want something similar in r.

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Explore the World With

First, it show me similar products. Once I add the text “couch” to the search, it gave me some decent photos of rooms with similar mantles and sofa ideas. Not a bad way to get inspir or even do some convenient online shopping.

Once I got going with this new tool, I start imagining other uses in my life. What’s a good paint color for giving this old chair a new look? Where in the world did this restaurant find this wallpaper? How can I get a haircut like THAT one?

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